We are providing access to engaging, quality education for the African child.

About Learnira

Investing in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math education for the African child.

Our Vision

Our Projects

The challenges in the education sector in Africa will not be solved solely by aid. 61 million children in Africa will reach adolescence without the basic learning skills that they and their countries desperately need to escape mass poverty. That's what we want to change. Our vision is a world where every African child, motivated to learn, has access to engaging, quality education irrespective of their socioeconomic background.

We invest in making the world's best STEM educational tools and programs accessible to schools in Nigeria. At the heart of our work is our Teacher Training Program.



PhET Interactive Simulations 


The PhET Interactive Simulations is a virtual lab which consists of over 150 interactive Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science and Math simulations to help students build a deep understanding of scientific concepts. At the moment, Learnira train teachers in Nigeria to use the offline software with a strong emphasis on Inquiry-Based Learning. So far, Learnira has trained 1042 teachers and provided over 20,400 students in Nigeria access to the offline PhET software. The PhET project is a partnership between Learnira and PhET at the University of Colorado Boulder to train 10,000 teachers and provide a million students access to the offline PhET by 2021. Each time the Learnira Study Lab is sold, a fraction of its profit is used to fund the project.


The PhET project is focused on three main components:

i. software redistribution,

ii. teacher training on Inquiry-Based Learning, and

iii. program evaluation to monitor the effectiveness of the software with students.


If you are interested in using the offline PhET in your school, or you want to volunteer to help us reach more teachers and students, please click the button below.

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Learnira Study Lab 

Learnira Study Lab is a repository of engaging math tutorial videos and exercises for students in Senior Secondary School 1-3. The offline app consists of past questions and video solutions to the IGCSE, WASSCE & JAMB examinations. The app is available for students in Nigeria to improve their performance in math and promote lifelong learning. With Learnira Study Lab, students are introduced to sophisticated tools like the Desmos to develop their computational skills. Every time two copies of the Learnira Study Lab is sold,  a school in Nigeria gets training and access to the offline PhET Interactive Simulations.

We are constantly looking for the best STEM educational tools &     programs for students and teachers.