Students today attend schools with little or no learning outcome; vulnerable and marginalized children suffer from high levels of exclusion.


Teachers lack the necessary tools and training, especially in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields to aid learning.  Eight out of every ten students in sub-Saharan Africa will decline the STEM fields because they find STEM courses uninteresting, abstract and difficult.

With tools like PhET Interactive Simulations, we want to make learning science and math fun and interactive.

Together we can empower 10,000 teachers, and provide 1,000,000 students access to the offline PhET.  

Spark Science Learning in Your Classroom with the Offline PhET

The PhET is a virtual lab that allows students to carry out science explorations in physics, chemistry & biology on a computer. 


Most times, the only method teachers use to help their students to understand a concept in science is by making them use their imagination to visualize the process, and this distorts understanding as they all have different levels of assimilation. The PhET brings science to life. 


Learnira train teachers and first-year university lecturers on;

i. Inquiry-Based Learning, and

ii. how to use the offline PhET in classrooms. 

The 10000 A Million Project is a partnership between Learnira and PhET at the University of Colorado Boulder to provide 10,000 teachers and a million students in sub- Saharan Africa access to the offline PhET Interactive Simulations by 2021.

Are you interested in using the offline PhET in your school or you have further questions? Please fill the form below, we will get in touch with you.


Every African child should have access to engaging, quality education irrespective of their socioeconomic background.


Learnira is a social enterprise providing access to engaging, quality education for the African child. We are working to make the world's best STEM educational tools and programs accessible to schools in Nigeria and Ghana.

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